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At BENEDEK Productions we focus on creating and enabling the true beauty of the theatre and performance craft to blossom, regardless of what stage the involved artists are at. We all remember our humble beginnings and hopefully recall how challenging and at times intimidating it was to get projects off the ground.

At a time where the pressures of the industry is ever growing, chasing 5-star reviews seems to be the norm, one can feel small and insignificant - and it is this exact issue BENEDEK Productions would like to address by going back to the roots of theatre.

We believe in the universality of the theatre and performance platform and as such strongly believe that this platform allows work to flourish and to fail, to succeed and to undergo great challenges, to bring happiness and sorrow. It is a platform that tolerates, encourages, teaches, shows, guides, leads, doesn't judge, doesn't undermine, doesn't defeat, doesn't criticise.



BENEDEK Productions will facilitate a hub for multilingual, multidisciplinary and intercultural theatre, performances and projects to emerge. These will focus on attracting and facilitating collaborations, eclectic research and development opportunities,

cross-disciplinary and intellectual exchange forums.

Most importantly though, it will acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and unique traits of different European cultures. This will be achieved through plays, performances and a variety of projects, all which will include local, regional, national and transnational artists and the communities these will engage with.

At its core BENEDEK Productions will aim to achieve quality work in a professional way regardless of the given circumstances - work that digs deep and pushes artists to address their limits, every experience being treated like a new opportunity to learn, develop and blossom.

BENEDEK Productions aims to create a space that actively practices tolerance and freedom of speech, respect and appreciation towards our fellow artists and collaborators. It embraces both contrasting and complementing ideas, working methods, passionate discussions

and debates.

Following the beliefs of the great artists’ of the 20th century, BENEDEK Productions endeavours

to actively revive and pursue the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk.

This envisages the creation of strong interdependent relationships between artists, artists and different art forms, artists and their communities. It focuses on the creation of an artistic and creative unity, a symphony of all theatre and performance elements, a total work of art.

It is a continuous celebration of the beauty of creation and created work, an institute of the preformative and beautiful arts.

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A Doll's House | BENEDEK Productions




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What they say...

This is the start of very big things for Benedek Productions. My recommendation would be to get on board this ship in any way you can - even if you just follow and subscribe you’ll not regret it.

Chris Courtney

Always done to a fantastically high standard. Entertaining and thought provoking. 

Kati Fogg


Such a superb production of A Doll's House last night! Direction is by Beatrice Benedek, with setting in the 1960s, well acted and with good stage design. And the play just as gripping as when it was first performed in Denmark in 1879 . We were so impressed by the choice of a play, by the acting, the tight directing, the setting in the 1960s, the stage design and costumes..... Ibsen would have been proud!

Paul Trewhela



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2021 Edition

Following the success of 2020's edition,

this year we've decided to introduce

12 more artists from Europe and the UK. The campaign will continue on Facebook and this year will be featured

on our Instagram page too! 

Let us introduce You to an array of amazing ARTISTS,

from different creative backgrounds.

Don't miss out on it. Follow our pages. Get in touch.

Stay connected. Support Artists.

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