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Beatrice Benedek

Beatrice Benedek is a multifaceted theatre practitioner

and freelance artist. 

With a theatre experience spanning over a decade,

she’s performed, directed and facilitated theatre workshops

in the UK and Romania.  

Beatrice’s creative interests are wide-ranging. These can be best seen translated in her directed work.

The concepts of colour, lighting, shape, time, minimal forms and non-verbal communication have featured throughout

her staged plays. 

Her in depth theoretical knowledge gained during her

BA studies in European and International Relations, paired with a praxis-orientated MA in Performance Making, have equipped Beatrice with necessary skills, insight and experience

to reimagine classical, contemporary and new theatre work

for today’s audiences. 

Her future work will focus on the processing and understanding of difficult historical episodes in Eastern Europe,

enabling a better appreciation of these through the platform of performing arts.

Her goal is to create dynamic places of remembrance through the means of theatre.

After a year of having worked as ifa* cultural manager at the

German Theatre in Szekszárd, Hungary, Beatrice returns to the UK with a fresh take on her company's future, her own practice and a strengthened desire to collaborate with UK- and mainland Europe-based artists.


*Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen / institute for foreign cultural exchange

Creative Director

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