A young Afghan refugee is placed in the home of an eccentric and altruistic British woman who wants to help her heal from the trauma she's experienced. But when the host's beloved cat takes against this intrusion into their comfortable life and the new lodger refuses to fulfil an unspoken expectation of gratitude, things take a very dark turn.

With surreal and comic touches and self-conscious awareness, this one-hour play digs into some uncomfortable themes such as the fetishisation of foreignness and the real motivations behind our good deeds.

Should we accept its magical realist narrative at face value, complete with talking cats and dark strangers with superhuman powers?

Or is this just a case of a crazy cat lady with a dangerous white-saviour complex?


Percy & Camille explores the problems of taking a migrant...

- by Pete Benson

A remarkable and convincing experience of theatre at "Percy and Camille" last night...

- by Paul Trewhela



A couple. A date. A gallery. Some art.

Some art. A couple. A tension. Attention.

Ignoring. Some art. A phone. Two phones. Selfie.

A phone. Two phones. Silence.

Modern Art.



Exploring the complexity of the ancient Greeks, who undoubtedly knew more about life's unpredictable paths than we do in our age

and time, Antigone was a powerful and eye opening experience.


Where does your loyalty lie?

Who are you granting your allegiance to?

Who are you honouring with your faithfulness?


And ultimately, which voice will you follow?

The voice of the Many?

The voice of the Few?

Or the voice of One?


A story of love, torment, honour, passion, righteousness, suffering and ultimate sacrifice.


Old TImes Poster.jpg


As with every Pinter play, one does not know what rollercoaster awaits them until

Opening Night! Old Times is not an exception. A thought-provoking play that keeps you on tenterhooks as you witness a short snippet of the past and present of these characters.

It might raise some eyebrows and will probably rub against your comfort zones - but at the end of the day, you will experience several snapshots of life itself, with its funny, sad, uncomfortable, exciting, honest, real and surreal moments.

The stories of Katie, Anne and Deeley unfold through their individual and shared experiences, but none of them seem to know exactly whether these have or haven’t

truly happened.

A seemingly normal marriage, long lost friendships, complicated relationships, decisions to make and to take. Sounds familiar?

Old Times by Pinter is definitely not for the faint-hearted and one will leave the theatre asking themselves whether or not what they’ve just experienced is true.

A Doll's House.jpg


A woman taking her life and destiny in her own hands - an outrageous, yet courageous action especially for the 19th century audience. Ahead of its time, Ibsen’s play is even today as relevant as ever. Leaving husband and child to find herself and the woman inside her is

a radical move, but nevertheless essential if it aids one in becoming a self-respecting and responsible human being.