Innuendo.IV was founded by Beatrice Benedek and Bulgarea Ilinca, two Transylvanian-born theatre enthusiast, who’ve worked together since highschool on creating, performing and promoting German theatre sketches and shows. They have thus contributed to the nurturing and furthering of a long existing German theatre tradition in the heart of Transylvania. Their humble beginnings are rooted in the highschool drama group ImPuls, which saw two plays performed in their home town Brasov, and at Youth Theatre Festivals around Transylvania. 

The desire to continue creating theatre have driven

Beatrice and Ilinca to start the first German theatre

group for students in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Innuendo.IV was thus established, a project which lasted

throughout their university years and saw original plays

performed at numerous venues and festivals.

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Ilinca established herself as a very talented playwright during the years of Innuendo.IV’s activity. She’s written and successfully directed the majority of the ensembles’ plays. Ilinca continued with her writing, and recently started experimenting with the dramatisation of novels.

It was through Innuendo.IV that Beatrice fully embraced her theatre path and, after successfully graduating with a degree in European and International Studies,

immersed herself in the theatre craft, performing and directing in the UK and Romania. She earned an MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths,

University of London. 


Design by Miruna Vecerdi

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Though some years have passed since they last worked together, Beatrice and Ilinca are now looking at possibilities to start collaborating again in the near future. 

There is a new dawn arising for this power-duo.

Innuendo.IV Seasons | 2011-2014

Der Schachpiel-Effekt



Beifall des Teufels


The Three Graces Boticelli.jpg
Eine Symphonie in VI